“If you asked her what she had for breakfast this is what she’d say.”  As a deep fan, a long-standing wish of mine (as crazy as it may sound) had been — to have breakfast with Prince. But that wasn’t to be. I have been fascinated by Prince ever since I first heard and saw him in the 80s. Then I was inspired by him as I came into my own creativity. I had imagined getting to meet up with him in some calm, casual space, maybe to learn something? Have a chat? To thank him. And, well, breakfast just seemed right. So, this is a way for me, on the Third Thursday in April, to honor and bring joy to the day. Feel free to do the same. PRINT this menu, share it, get cookin’ — and crank up some tunes. If you sell these items, please consider donating proceeds to music education. ​​The 105 items on the full menu are from his lyrics, and are listed as ​ALBUM# : SONG#. If you set your mind free baby, maybe you’ll understand.   

What will you be having? 

Spread the word. Peace, y’all.​ ​